Jorge Federico Osorio Plays Chávez Piano Concerto, Carlos Miguel Prieto Conducting

"The Frankfurt public welcomed this colorfully rich work [Copland El Salón México] with the utmost appreciation. With Shostakovich Symphony No. 6, the second part of the concert illustrated Prieto's mastery... even in the greatest climaxes of sound, he draws clear lines, extracts structures and controls dynamics brilliantly."
Rhein-Main-Zeitung (Frankfurt Radio Symphony)
Mexican conductor Carlos Miguel Prieto...offered the cellist [Yo-Yo Ma] strong and flexible support. ...The Lalo [Cello Concerto in d] was the middle course of Prieto's promising debut. ...After intermission came Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances.... ...Prieto guided the orchestra with a steady sense of its winding architecture, and brought it to an exciting close."
The Boston Globe (Boston Symphony Orchestra)
"Prieto took over the podium with confidence, shaping rhythmically pointed and gorgeously colored interpretation of two ballet classics: the second suite from Manuel de Falla's The Three-Cornered Hat, from 1919, and Igor Stravinsky's 1947 revision of his 1911 work, Petrouchka..."
Toronto Star (Toronto Symphony Orchestra)

Thursday and Friday, the second candidate for the music director position, Mexico's Carlos Miguel Prieto, will conduct the large festival orchestra. Prieto also will direct a chamber orchestra concert to begin Week 4 on July 20. He is music director of the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico, as well as the Louisiana Philharmonic in New Orleans.

Fue un regocijo, un júbilo en lo alto. El único concierto de la Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional en la ciudad prometió mucho y alborotó a los melómanos. La agrupación entregó su talento a morir.

Gabriela Montero, la pianista venezolana, fue la figura de la noche al dejar sin respiro a propios y extraños cuando arremetió al piano el "Concierto para piano no. 2 en Do menor. Op. 18", de Rachmaninoff, cuya contundencia en la interpretación enamoró al público.

"There was an air of triumph around the Maestro Prieto as he led the all-star orchestra through the evening. He concluded each piece with a flourish of energy worthy of a prize fighter. In the aforementioned West Side Story orchestra brawl, he would be Tony, for sure."

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